Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just Listed

Although you might say etsy is my first home, it is not without its problems (a perpetually broken search feature among them). Exposure is a scarce commodity and although I've managed my way into the Storque and the front page a few times, it's a small wealth of stores that find their way back again and again. Call it editorial control or favourites or who knows what, but etsy's particular variety of esotericism leaves a lot of sellers out in the dark.

Well, not to fear! All you vintage sellers have another option and it's called Market Publique. I've just started using it but so far I've found a lot of nice features etsy is seriously lacking, not to mention it's vintage only, so no worry competing for space with all those handmade folks (you're all fantastic - don't get me wrong). I especially like the way product photos are managed, instead of being forced to squeeze everything down into a tiny square thumbnail, MP provides a very reasonable sized preview that gives buyers a better sense of what's being offered.

So far it's restricted access, but anyone with decently artistic photos and a good catalogue should be allowed to sell.

Here's some of what I've posted so far:

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